Dominicali makes an exception for two-day Grand Prix weekends

Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali bounces off the Grand Prix weekend of two days in the future. According to the Italian, the sport must respect that the organizers want a “complete experience” for the audience.

The idea of ​​a two-day Grand Prix weekend was brought up to make the ever-expanding calendar less severe. According to the plan, free training, qualifying and racing will take place on Saturday and Sunday and thus Friday will be canceled.

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It is already a closed case of Formula 1 President Stefano Domenicali. In a video clip from Dominicali makes an exception for two-day Grand Prix weekends. “All the organizers want a complete experience for the people and the public, and we have to respect that,” says the Formula 1 president.

Last year, Formula 1 actually got an unplanned preview of the two-day Grand Prix weekend. The Grand Prix of Eifel, held in the Nürburgring, on Friday was without motion due to bad weather.

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Dominicali provided more answers to questions in the video. For example, he sees it happening that Formula 1 will return to Africa for a race in five years, and he hopes to be a Formula 1 driver in ten years and predicts a second race in the United States in three years. In the calendar.

Formula 1 wants to expand the calendar: it now has 23 races, but the goal is 25. Photo: Motorsport Images

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