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The pastor is located on his YouTube channel Gremdaat By the door in the house: what is it Eva Genk Coward, do you know this expression? Eva Genk is a coward. ” He cites the Thursday evening broadcast I’m thinking of by the party leader Farid Azerkan at Thierry Baudett From FvD at Genk They were guests and ended up performing as a comedian Martin Koning.

The day after the broadcast, in response to the uproar, he announced that his scripts would not be read by the editors in advance. Logical, according to Rev. Grimdat. Eva Genk asked him to do so. A comedian is free to say whatever he likes. Your text will not be previously read. If I am a guest somewhere in advance, I will not read my script. “

Not in your head

Gremdaat doesn’t go into the content of Koning’s script, but he mentions that the channel and talk show host had previously expected Baudet to leave. “This is his job. What you shouldn’t do is apologize to Thierry Baudet.” Oh, Thierry, how bad you ran away, oh, how terrible it is. We never read Martijn’s text, we should never have read it. ‘ RTL also apologizes: “This should never have happened.” Well, you are out of your mind. “

According to Gremdaat, now that they themselves asked the satirist to shut down the broadcast, they had to “bear in mind that it would also be satire.” “Then you will not fall off the satirist and throw the satirist in the trash.” The comedian advises his classmates not to participate in the Eva Jinek show again.

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The comedian has also been criticized earlier Frick de Jong All of RTL’s apologies, although they also described Martijn Koning’s performance as “outdated”.

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