Domino’s Pizza second location in Barendrecht in Reuchlinhaven –

Barendrett – Domino’s Pizza has opened a second location in Barendrecht. The second branch of the pizza shop is located near Havenhoofd in Carnisselande, at Reuchlinhaven 8.”Due to its location and available space, this site is very suitable for serving our customersDomino’s said.

It will be possible to pick up and deliver pizza. On average, 80% of orders are delivered and 20% are charged to the store.


Only bikes and electric scooters are used for delivery. Domino’s wants to use the yard adjacent to the parking garage entrance (for apartments in Havenhoofd) to park vehicles during business hours (from 11:00 to 23:00). It relates to the bicycle parking location where Reuchlinhaven, Havenhoofd and Van Ommerenhaven intersect.

The retailer expects the parking pressure in the area to have a “limited effect”: customers can digitally track which stage of the pizza preparation process they go through. This way, Domino’s anticipates that people will not have to wait long in the store, and therefore parking pressure will remain limited.


The building at Reuchlinhaven 8 will also be extensively renovated. The existing layout of the rooms will be completely overhauled to make room for an indoor bike/scooter shed, cold storage, pantry and plenty of kitchen/oven space. The part at the front of the store is used to receive orders.

It is not yet known when the new branch will open its doors.

Image via: Google Streetview

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