Donnie Roelvink’s girlfriend declares love with a special tattoo

“I’ve never got a tattoo for my partner,” Janice told the magazine. “Whenever friends tell me they want to do this, I always say, ‘What happened to you? Who knows, it might be over in a year. “

However, it eventually changed its way of working. “Since I was with Donnie, I have always had – oddly – the desire to affirm and show my love,” she explains. “That’s why I decided to get a tattoo for him.”

Janice had written a declaration of love on the inside of her arm. Although it might just be points to an outsider, the brunette tells you that she says “Donnie” in braille. “Even people who can’t see can feel how much I care about him,” Janice said.

She is not afraid to regret her choice later. Janice, who is also Donnie’s manager, plans to do her best for Donnie and “stay with him forever.” Her lover thinks the same: “He thought he was very special and thought he was very beautiful. Nobody had done such a thing for him before (…) Of course you never know what the future will bring, but my love Janice said” No She says nothing but to stay with him forever. “

Donnie and Janice have been together for over a year and recently announced that they will be living together in Amsterdam. For this, Janice leaves her beloved Rotterdam.

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