Donny Roelvink regrets grinding teeth: ‘Super stupid’ | stars

We are all human, we all make mistakes from time to time. I’m also human, and sometimes I make mistakes. But you also have to be able to admit your mistakes,” Roelvink says in a video on his Instagram Stories. “I made a mistake when I did that remedy. I was too naive, too stubborn, and didn’t do my research right. “Well, it’ll be fine, let’s just have a good time,” I thought. In retrospect, I feel very sorry for that.”

Roelvink now suffers from all kinds of complications with his teeth due to the treatment. According to him, the dentist was able to save him “in time” before things got worse with “infections and that kind of thing”.


“The only thing I can do is protect my followers from this,” Rolvink says. “I have a lot of followers. With that I sometimes forget that I also have a perfect job and that I also have young viewers who see all this, and I especially want to say to them: always do your research.” Roelvink advises people considering dental veneers to first speak to their dentist.

Roelvink said in July last year in 1 He will do the treatment again. A dentist, who was also on the table, warned him that 15 percent of his teeth eventually died as a result of the operation. The reality star had to admit that he didn’t know it, but even with that knowledge in his pocket, he still took a risk.

When dental veneers are placed, a thin composite or porcelain shield is placed over the tooth. To do this, the real teeth must first be partially removed.

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