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Wells Aldi wishes to move the store located on Bilderdijkstraat to Enghuusweg 13 and has applied for a coordination scheme application. Based on this, the decision-making process necessary to realize supermarket transportation can be grouped into a single preparation process. During the committee room last Thursday, members indicated that they see no problem with applying this fast-track procedure. Only the municipal interests thought it was best to first discuss with each other whether a transfer of Aldi to the Enghuusweg was desirable at all.

Center Coordinator Simon Himstra spoke during the meeting. “In Putin, we do not want to allow stores outside the center, and supermarkets should be located on the periphery of the central district. This also applies to Aldi. Supermarkets reinforce the center and in my opinion the municipality should not encourage the establishment of a supermarket outside the center.”

Gym spot Hiemstra also indicated the future Putten-Zuid District. Many young families will settle there and the arrival of a large supermarket will endanger road safety. Nowadays you don’t want the trucks to go through the neighborhoods. But the arrival of such a supermarket will not stop this. Customer cars will also create unsafe parking spaces for cyclists in particular. I don’t know if there is a place for Aldi on the edge of the center, but it is up to them to search along the center for a location. Personally, I think there might be a possibility in where De Putter Eng gymnasium is now. Homes can then be built over the supermarket. There is also adequate parking space. This puts Aldi in an acceptable position as far as the center is concerned. But I might be too advanced now. “

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time saving Sander van Nieuwenhuizen of Gemeentebelangen said, “I understand that it is a procedural question to link the zoning plan to the environmental permit and that this saves time for Aldi. But I have some difficulty with that. Isn’t it much more important that we think together first about whether we want this displacement at all. The arrival of a supermarket of this size also has an effect on Putten-Zuid’s development. We are not giving up a lot of our leeway. We want to prevent the construction of a huge flat box there, while we need all the space to build a high-quality residential area. Now we say go ahead and start after a while We tell you that we do not find a suitable supermarket for this place. I think this is almost incorrect management. I would much prefer to see that we are thinking of these types of plans up front. Submit a discussion note and we will provide frameworks. Now we will come back to the back of the plan. “

The risks of ALDI A member of the House of Representatives from the SGP stated that this question does not exist at this time. “As far as we are concerned, this procedure can be used. Then we answer the other questions. Aldi assumes that whether we agree with this can be discussed at a later stage. This is also the risk Aldi takes. We call for all procedures to be followed adequately. Correct. When it comes down to us specifically, it will be tested according to our policy and if it deviates from ours, we will have to find something about it. Only then may we not want the supermarket at Enghuusweg. ”

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Telecommunications Wiig Putin agreed. CDA’s Jan van Meerveld thinks it’s cool that the procedure is so simplified. “We’ll talk about the content later. Communicating with the neighborhood is very important to us. Just a note in the door is not enough in our opinion. We want the neighborhood to have a place to talk to.”

ChristenUnie’s Eric Van Hemel also tends to take a look at the content. “We also think this is a drastic step and you start thinking about road and site safety. We want an integrated view of Putin Zuid, so it’s not a good idea to have some of them really dedicated to a supermarket.”

Contents revealed The member of Parliament responded that it was already a procedural decision. “In the future you will have a lot of room to find something about this. The draft zoning plan will be worked on and the county will also consider it. Then the plan is provided for inspection and the opportunity to participate follows. So the plans are really objective. The risk of the plans not cooperating is for Aldi.” .

Van Nieuwenhuizen (Gemeentebelangen) has yet to be decided and the topic is being put on the agenda as a discussion item for the board meeting on Thursday, April 22nd.

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