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TODRECH – National coach Arno Havenga has announced thirteen water polosters heading to the Tokyo Olympics. Among them is Tartrect Brigid Sleek. Earlier this year, Dutch water polo girls qualified for the sport for the first time since the 2008 Olympic qualifiers in Trieste (Italy). Thirteen years ago, Orange became the Olympic champion in Beijing. (Archive photo: Timon Stoke)

The complete Dutch water polo selection looks like this: Brigitte Sleek (Wytex GJC Tank), Nomi Stomborst (Wytex GJC Tonk), Sabrina van der Slot (CN Sabotel, Spain), Vivian Sevenich (C MN Maduro, Spain), Simone van de Groats (Polar Bears), Iris Wolves (CE Mediterranean, Spain), Martze Kuning (CN Sabatell, Spain), Dogmar Gene (UJS) .C), Madd McKenzie (USC-USA), Ills Coolhaus (NC Woolkmany, Greece) (Call-USA), John Conders (Polar Pierce, goalkeeper) and Debbie Willems (Videx GC Tonk, goalkeeper).

The water polo girls will fly to Tokyo on Tuesday, July 13 for a training camp in Ciba with the United States and travel to the Olympic Village on Wednesday, July 21. The first group match will be against Australia on Monday 26 July. Only twelve names can be entered in the score during games.

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