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Very beautiful memory

“Until now the tour of the Lesser Sunda Islands has had its beginning and end in Bali.”


“Tsunami alert issued in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The only things allowed to take from our hotel were a bottle of water and our passport. We spent about four hours at the highest point of our hotel. ”


“Seven hours in Jakarta, with our children. No one could say why the delay occurred. After many questions, we were offered lunch with a drink as no cleverness was available. “

Forget it

“We never lost our suitcases, but we forgot our hand luggage in the luggage claim. We had suitcases, but no luggage! Fortunately, we found them on time.”

The final gadget

“IPod, cell phone and camera.”


“Indonesia is a beautiful archipelago. There is a lot to see, very beautiful paddy fields, many good people. Or take the Kelimuttu volcano with the crater lakes in Flores or the monitor lizards on Komodo Island. Borobudur Temple on Java and Bali, Islands of God. A paradise. “

With you forever

“A notebook to keep a brief record day by day of the things we experience and want to remember.”


“Both the snake and the crocodile taste like chicken. But there were also sharks and insects on our plate. We always try everything; If we do not like it, we can always avoid it. ”


“Our dream trip with Indonesia has actually come true, but there is still a lot to see. For example, we want to go to New Zealand and Myanmar.”

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Favorite address

“Sanur in Bali. A beautiful, quiet place and a good starting point. There are lots of beautiful and nice restaurants and hotels. ”


“It can be an overestimation trip. You go to a distant place anyway, and then the journey there is not easy. We always say you get a lot in return.”

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