Downton Abbey reveals release date of second movie and new cast members

Drum roll! The title of the second movie will be… Downton Abbey: A New Era. In addition, the cast has revealed that it can be admired in cinemas from March 2022. The trailer was first shown at CinemaCon, but has not yet been officially released. According to informed sources, the Crowley family crosses the ocean with the Downton staff in the film to visit the United States. A wedding was planned there.

The cast is expanding, including Dame Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton, Hugh Bonneville, and Michelle Dockery. None other than Hugh Dancy (known from the series Hannibal), Laura Haddock (now on the Netflix series White lines), Natalie Bay (France’s most famous) and Dominic West (from the series affairs And recently in the news because of him Alleged affair with Lily James, who had a role in the series by chance Downton Abbey).

Dominic West’s career is already going well anyway. The actor also has the coveted role of Prince Charles in the fifth season of the crown managed to get it. You can watch all about the fifth season of this hit series in the video below.

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