“Dragon House” misses

Viewers see a bug in Episode 3, and it will also be fixed.

Viewers of the series Dragon House They discovered a bug in the third episode of the HBO series. In one scene, the CGI gauntlet is seen by chance.

This fingerless character results in Viserys Targaryen suddenly having two green fingers. Of course another mistake that went unnoticed due to the speed of production.

Green fingers in the house of the dragon
King Viserys, played by Paddy Considine who has ten fingers, has lost several of his fingers due to a mysterious condition. Lost fingers are digitally scanned using CGI/Greenscreen technology. It clearly didn’t go well in the last episode.

The Hollywood Reporter now reports that the bug has been fixed. A new version of the episode will air on HBO Max this week, with Viserys only having eight fingers.

Mistakes often creep into TV series. That’s what he said Game of thrones Ever had a cup of coffee in the picture.

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