Drama gripping The Brave can only be seen on RTL 7 on Wednesday

although Only the brave ones Not a particularly warm welcome from critics in 2017, audiences were impressed with this stunning, touching drama about a group of firefighters. Watch the movie on RTL 7 on Wednesday and you can Only the brave ones They stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime, among others.

the story
Only the brave ones It tells the true story of the members of Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of firefighters who specialize in forest fires. They must take action in arid Arizona to fight the inevitable: a wildfire that will engulf granite mountains. They have to prove that they are a “hot shot”, the best fire fighting unit in the country. However, a large part of the crew is disrupted as more and more winds are getting stronger.

Guide.tv rating: ★★★ ½
Contains photorealistic Dutch scenes Only the brave ones Maybe some aspects that are not quite to your liking. We’re talking about American patriotism, a huge amount of exaggerated testosterone, and an enormous emission of (rather inexpensive) Hollywood vibes. However, if you look at this, you will see an interesting and heroic story about men who risk their lives every day. And this comes with stunning photos of giant wildfires in the United States – still a topical topic.

Along with Josh Brolin (Avengers: Infinity War(And Miles Teller)injury(They are also Jeff Bridges)Bad times at El Royal(en Jennifer Connelly)beautiful Mind) Can be seen on Only the brave ones. This film is directed by Joseph Kosinski (Forget).

Only the brave ones (2017) is rated 7.6 on IMDb and can be watched on RTL 7 on Wednesday, March 17 at 8.30pm. Genre: Action, Drama. Duration: 134 minutes.

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