Draw day: Which clubs will Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Vitesse meet in the Champions League and Conference League? | Ajax in the Champions League

Ajax qualified with a perfect score in the group stage for the eighth finals of the Champions League. The draw will take place today at 12:00 noon. At 1 pm, the draw for the middle round of the European League (without Dutch teams) will also take place, after which the draw will take place at 2 pm for the middle round of the Conference League, with PSV and Vitesse. The winners of Group AZ and Feyenoord will return to play again in March for the Eighth Finals.

Six straight wins for Ajax, what an achievement! After beating Sporting, the Amsterdam team secured the perfect series in the Champions League. Bayern Munich and Liverpool have also won all six group matches, which only six other clubs have achieved in the last twenty seasons. Ajax will not be able to face those clubs in the draw – today at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. It was already known that as the group winner in the Champions League, Ajax would soon face the number two from another group.

What do we know now

Ajax will not meet Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Juventus and Lille in the eighth finals. Just like Ajax, these seven won the set. The Amsterdam team can also no longer draw the draw for the next round against Sporting Portugal, who finished second in the Ajax group. So seven clubs remained.

And who might that be?

• Paris Saint-Germain (second place in Group A)
• Atlético Madrid (second place in Group B)
• Inter (second in Group D)
• Benfica (second place in Group E)
• Villarreal (second place in Group F)
• Salzburg (2nd place in Group G)
• Chelsea (second in Group H)

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What dates should we put in our diary?

That’s only four now. For the eighth finals of the Champions League, do not plan to visit on 15, 16, 22 and 23 February (outside matches) and 8, 9, 15 and 16 March 2022 (return). After Monday’s draw, you can cross out a few.

The Intermediate Round of the Conference Tournament takes place on February 17-24. The eighth finals, to be held on February 25, are scheduled to take place on March 10-17.

What about the league conference?

Feyenoord and AZ reached the next round of the Conference League as group winners and therefore do not have to take any action in the first round after the end of the year. In the intermediate round, in which the draw will take place at 2 pm, the number two will compete first against the number three of the European League. This means that the two numbers from the Conference League (see first row below) are related to the losers in the European League (see second row). Eindhoven and Vitesse are in the pipeline.

• Maccabi Tel Aviv
• Randers FC
• FK Bodo / Glimt
• FC Partizan
• Qarabagh FK
• Slavia Prague
• Speed

• Fenerbahce
• Leicester City
• Sparta Prague
• Eindhoven
• FC Midtjylland
• Celtic
• Rapid Vienna
• Olympique Marseille

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The Group Eight winners of the Conference League (LASK Linz, AZ, AS Roma, KAA Gent, FC Basel, FC Copenhagen, Feyenoord and Stade Rennais) only made it into the eighth finals. They will be linked to the winners of the clashes between the teams mentioned above. The eighth finals will be held on Thursday, March 10-17. The middle round matches will be played on February 17 and 24.

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