Draw for the entire fifth round of Hauts-de-France

National football begins Tenth place: the top scorer in the French league in activity

Ligue 1 football tied for Thursday evening for the fifth round of the Coupe de France, which is scheduled to take place on the weekend of October 16-17. Several teams are still competing, while Champion and Boulogne-sur-Mer, N1 nationals, are in the running to celebrate this new round of France’s oldest football competition. Check out the full draw below, with some great games on the table.

Draw for the entire fifth round of Hauts-de-France

Group A:

-Beuvry La Forêt AS (R2) – Lumbres (R1)
-Schvriris Godfreysnoye (R2) – Chambly (N1)
-Ricouart FCC (R3) from Cucq AS (R3) – Senlis USM (R1)
– Louvroil ASG (D1) – Roubaix Tg Portugees (R2)
– Essigny FC (D1) – Escaudain USF (R2)
– Bowhain RC (R3) – Raismes FC (R2)
-Marpent FC (R2) – St Quentin (N2)
– Premontre VS (D1) – Escaudoeuvres (R1)
– Montdidier AC (R3) – Valenciennes Dutemple (R3)
– Calais Beau Marais (R3) – Olympique Marcquois (N3)
– Hamel ESM (D2) – Chauny VS (R1)
-Verton (D1) – Cambrai AC (R1)
– Soissons (R2) – Amiens RC (R3)
-Poix du Nord (D1) – Wasquehal (N3)
– Tracy Le Mont (D3) – Léon Plage (R1)
-Montigny / Gohelle D1) – Breteuil VS (R2)
Hazbrouck (R1 – Oignies ASSB (R2))
– Liancourt Claremont (R3) – Cyclen (R2)
-Feignies-Aulnoye (N3) – VS Lyon (R1)
-Ailly S/S FC Samara (R3) – Harly Quentin Sport (D1)

Group B:

-Compiègne AFC (R1) – Bethune Stade (R1)
-Etaples AS (R2) – Bondues FC (R2)
– Lambres les Douai (D2) – Lambres les Douai (R1)
– Berlaimont VS (D1) – Cambrai Amerika (D1)
St. Paul Filler (R3) – Camon US (R1)
– Escalbek (R2) – Runes (R3)
– Lampersart (R2) – Grand Synthe (R1)
– Club Bethessy (R3) – Aire sur la Lys (R2)
-Montreuil VS (D1) – Amiens AC (N3)
-Fendin (D4) – Billy Montenegro (R3)
-Marly USM (D1) – Bully les Mines (R2)
– United States (R3) – Anzin St Aubin (D1)
-Gouvieux VS (R2) – Croix IC (N3)
– Amiens Porto (R2) – Maubeuge (N3)
-Waziers USM (R2) – Gravelines (R1)
– Bergen in Barwell (R3) – Longinesie (R3)
– Berck AS (D1) from Outreau ASF (R1) – St Maximin VS (R2)
-Tourcoing (R1) – Boulogne-sur-Mer (N1)
-Allery AS (D1) – Villenueve d’Ascq (R3)
– Beauvais AS (N2) – Calais Grand Pascal (R2)

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