Dries Roelvink: “Always keep an eye on Dave” | entertainment

dry up He says he should always watch his son. “Even though I have been still satisfied with him in recent months. He lives together, he no longer plays, he no longer drinks alcohol, he was good at sports, he came to live near me so I liked it too.” Singer says on Radio Veronica Tuesday morning, “Of course I was just shocked last Sunday.”

According to Dries Dev He cares a lot for his followers on Instagram. Suddenly 25,000 people were watching and they all told him, “Dave came close and showed what’s going on.” Then of course I also started sending messages like, “Are you careful?” According to him, he was so successful on Instagram that he said, “If it happens again On Sunday, I will come again. “


NVJ wanted legal action after Dave used press cards. When he deleted the post with cards on Instagram, the union decided not to. “Fortunately, he was able to reverse that. But I always carry my heart with him.”

Dries didn’t get angry at his son, he was when he collided with a Lamborghini last year. “But I don’t know if it helps much. He’s 26 years old and I watch him, but I can no longer direct him completely according to my wishes.” The singer doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with Dave. “He is a nice boy. He is good with old people, children and animals. You can count on him, he only has an advantage.”

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