Drive to Survive Season 3 lacks some action, but it has a lot of unique visuals

Drive to Survive Season 3 was released on Friday and the Netflix crew was once again able to submit unique visuals. All the teams teamed up in Season 3 and got on screen time. Netflix has turned it into a solid series again, but tension seems to be missing here and there.

Based on the highlights

The series begins at the beginning of the season with Winter Tests. Of course, it was immediately apparent that Racing Point had many similarities to the Mercedes of the previous year. Drive to Survive doesn’t show the vehicle being built, but the viewer is taken to the factory.

It must be said that sometimes there is a long build-up of the next exciting moment. In episode two, it takes about ten minutes before the actual event can be seen on the track, which can sometimes cause the viewer’s attention to wander. Sometimes photos of the wrong moments are also used. During the qualifiers in Austria, clearly photos of the stunning Red Bull racing mechanic were used when Max Verstappen retired. This can be seen on televisions in the hole box. These kinds of little bugs take on the originality of the series.

A little friendship is shown in the photo

The Netflix team knows how to use previously unseen photos. Christian Horner and Toto Wolf are closely followed during the various protests over the yellow flags and the DAS for example. Despite being the biggest competitors on the track, the two enjoy spending time together. An unexpected friendship is clearly shown.

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Additional text, sequence, and important topics

Netflix is ​​not against letting commenters record a few extra sentences or re-record certain phrases. This way, certain moments are more swollen. This isn’t new in principle, as this also happened during the first two seasons. Netflix seems to be using a few of those extra single lines this year.

If you are familiar with the Formula 1 season, you will immediately notice that the series does not follow the calendar arrangement. But Netflix knows how to beat it in a good way, so it’s not very eye-catching for viewers who are less familiar with the calendar. Events that happened a few years ago are also cited regularly, such as Russia 2018. In this race, Valtteri Bottas had to give up the race victory to his colleague Lewis Hamilton.

Most of the highlights were included in the Formula 1 season. Pierre Gasly’s bizarre triumph, Alexandre Albon’s difficulties, Ferrari’s dramatic season and of course Roman Grogan’s colossal crash. Netflix has managed to include nearly everything in the season’s ten episodes.

Big miss

One of the topics Netflix almost doesn’t cover is the # WeRaceAsOne campaign. Hardly a word is said about it. It’s only at the end of the series, in episode 10, that Hamilton gets a few minutes of screen time to say something about it. Since the campaign is covered extensively in Formula 1, it is remarkable that it rarely appears in the series.

Drive to Survive Season 3 is less thrilling than previous seasons. More behind the scenes, but less movement on the right track. It’s less attractive than Season 1 or Two, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

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