Driving World Cup: The Dutch dominate the final with Chardonne leading the way

In Mechelen, a busy international weekend has just ended with the most important thing for the drivers: the World Cup. Seven four-wheeled horses came first and, as good practice, only the three best made it into the race.

This trip turned out to be almost entirely a Dutch encounter. Bram Chardonne and Couse de Ronde both qualified to drive the car. They were joined there by Swiss Jerome Foutaz. They completed the first lap in 133.19 seconds, 137.14 seconds, and 138.12 seconds, respectively. The win will decide the car with these three drivers.

On that ride, Jerome Foutaz had to start first because he set the slowest base lap time. He was obviously keen to set a very fast time, but because of that he was unable to complete a completely clear run. Hit two cones resulting in eight penalty points. So the victory of the Netherlands seemed within reach.

Koos de Ronde was the next to start. De Ronde also played a fast time, but unfortunately that also resulted in a few penalty points and therefore also penalty seconds. He finished in 138.88 seconds, but three balls hit the ground. This resulted in a total time of 150.88 seconds.

The last to prevent the victory of Switzerland was Bram Chardon. A quick and clear run means he wins. Chardon couldn’t lead a completely clear run either, but with his time of 131.25 seconds and four penalty seconds, he was convincingly faster.

So Bram Chardon and Futaz won second and Ronde third.

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