Dtv News – Cities are petrified, but in Den Bosch there are plenty of green spaces

Many municipalities are petrified and do not provide enough space for greenery. But Den Bosch does meet the bare minimum of what should be green. In addition, Englen’s Haverlig ends up in the top ten least fossilized neighborhoods. This is evidenced by research conducted by nature and the environment

Natuur & Milieu investigated ossification in the 32 largest municipalities in the Netherlands. 58 neighborhoods in Den Bosch were investigated. In 40% of the neighborhoods there is less than 75 m2 of green space per house. With this said, Den Bosch scores significantly better than average: the average for the cities studied is 53%. According to the researchers, there should be 75 square meters of green space per home in at least 50% of neighborhoods. Otherwise there is not enough space for greenery.

The average area of ​​green space per house in Den Bosch is 129 square meters per house. All cities average 105 square metres, so Den Bosch also scores relatively well on this point. There is also not a single neighborhood without a single hectare of continuous green space in Den Bosch. In other municipalities this is the case on average in 10% of neighborhoods.


Less fossilized neighborhoods were also investigated. These neighborhoods contain vast expanses of connected green spaces. Haverlig in Englin finished in the top ten of the least urbanized neighborhoods.


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