Dtv News – College Den Bosch disagrees with ‘underwater fishing’ at Noorderplas

The Animal Party of Den Bosch wanted the municipality not to fulfill the wishes of the poachers in Norderplas, but the municipality had no intention of doing so. According to the municipal council, some residents enjoy this sport and want to facilitate it in recreational activities.

The Animals Party asked the council questions, because the party believed the municipality should not encourage “underwater hunting”. The municipality will do this, because slate stilts will be built again in some places along the Noorderplas, so that the fishermen can go there. The municipality sees it differently.

“We want a green, nature-friendly and attractive public space for recreation, exercise and meeting. This contributes to the well-being of our residents. In addition to the fact that nature-friendly banks are not possible everywhere due to stability, we also facilitate the use of public space for recreational activities wherever possible, not just for fishing.” We also take into account that damage to public places can occur if we do not provide these facilities,” the municipality said, in response to the party’s questions. Although the college is aware that there are different views on sport fishing.

According to the municipality, natural banks cannot be established everywhere, due in part to the stability of banks. The municipality also wants to make Noorderplas an attractive public space. “This could also play a role in considering the replacement of slab substrates in certain places,” the municipality says.

When asked how the municipality ensures that it is not subject to social pressures, the municipality stated the following.
“The participatory process is actually meant to collect opinions and opinions. They are included in our final consideration of interests. So it is possible to make adjustments to substantive arguments. We do not see listening to arguments in the context of engagement as ‘giving in.’

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