DTV News – Maashorst Children’s Council gives advice: ‘More interest in nature and bullying’

The Children’s Council exchanged ideas and advice to the Phoenix Municipal Council in Shayk Wednesday afternoon. The council wants more space for nature and agriculture in the middle of the residential areas and nature-friendly building materials for building homes and offices.

The Children’s Council is made up of 25 children from primary schools in the municipality of Machurst. The children chose the themes of nature, health, sports, exercise and taking care of each other, because they find them important. They have put together ideas and tips on these topics, the so-called KinderTrendrede.

a picnic

In preparation, the children went on a trip to the Refugee Council, neighborhood sports coaches, and the permaculture park. The children also held a workshop to turn ideas into tips.

This showed that children wanted more space for nature and that forests and homes should be more mingling. Kids also love to see farming pop up in residential areas. “We want to grow potatoes and carrots near our homes. If we build apartments, we can use the remaining space to grow our food.”

Anti-bullying clubs

The Children’s Council also wants more attention to sports, as well as to children with disabilities. Kids also love seeing the emergence of robots that encourage healthy eating and living. Additionally, the Children’s Council believes that more attention should be paid to bullying by creating anti-bullying clubs in schools where virtual reality goggles provide an experience of what bullying looks like.


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