Dtv Nieuws – The municipality of Den Bosch wants new parking agreements

The municipality of Den Bosch is considering the need for more parking spaces in and around the city center for new construction and renovation projects. In addition, the municipality wants to encourage the use of shared bicycles and cars to prevent parking inconvenience.

The higher demand for more homes also means the increased demand for parking spaces, but the municipality also considers more green space and water in the city to be important. These developments require that we use available public space in moderation. This is why we also want to come up with new agreements regarding parking in public places. ”The municipality uses what are called parking standards. These criteria are used to calculate the amount of parking space required for new construction and renovation plans in the municipality. This prevents parking inconvenience and ensures a pleasant living and living environment .

Cyclists and shared cars

The municipality stimulates the use of bicycles in the city by providing adequate facilities for bicycles and by providing more parking spaces for cyclists. Additionally, residents are increasingly able to use shared cars and electric scooters. “We do this mainly in places where there is less parking space for our cars. We also include the installation of electric charging points. In this way, we encourage the use of shared mobility and prevent the creation of too many parking spaces.”

The municipal executive issued the proposal for new agreements for consultation. The consultation period continues until the beginning of April. The municipality then creates a final plan. The board will make its final decision in July 2021.

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