Duncan Laurence awaits new music release: “Full focus on Mia and Dion” | Eurovision Song Contest

Duncan Laurence is waiting a few weeks before releasing new music, so he can fully focus on accompanying Mia and Dion to their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer announced it on Instagram Thursday night.

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to release my new singles California flower And anything A few weeks so I can focus my full attention on Mia and Dion and their Eurovision performance,” the singer begins his message. He/she is single anything It will initially be available on Friday. We’ve worked hard on that Burning daylight And so I want to put my full focus on them,” Duncan Lawrence continues, referring to the song Mia and Dion co-wrote.

On May 9, Mia and Dion will be the first semi-finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. Duncan Laurence and his friend Jordan Garfield are responsible for the artistic side of the duo’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent weeks, Mia and Dion have sung the song live at two previous concerts, but neither have been pure. The two received a lot of criticism on social media and on TV shows.

Duncan Laurence previously said that despite the criticism the duo receives, he still has a lot of faith in Debt Cooper and Mia Nicolae. “Several things have happened in recent weeks that we are aware of,” Lawrence said in his video. “We will do everything we can to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that Mia and Dion are as relaxed as possible on stage and go wild.” shines. We have brought together the best people and it will be an intense journey that they are on. I know better than anyone how hard it can be.”

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