“Dutch athletes are drawn to sporting success”

He jumped over 2.31 metres, surprising friend and foe. Brett Werman also won the silver medal earlier in the day in the women’s race. The performance of the Dutch was discussed at length in the Sport Forum in along the line and its environs. Guests are Lisette van der Geest, sports journalist at de Volkskrant, ESPN commentator Mark van Rieswijk and NOS athletics analyst Gregory Seduc.

Seyduk watched indoor tournaments in Istanbul with pleasure. “Athletics is on the rise,” he says. “If you have Fimic Ball, Licky Claver, and the women’s 4 x 400 meters taking gold on such a team, that does something for the athlete. You’re absorbed in sporting success.”

Don’t go to Papendal too fast

The fact that Fimk Poll would win gold in the 400m did not come as a surprise to many and that Lejke Klaver would win the silver behind him, as observers had expected, but few sports fans saw the Netherlands taking two medals. in the high jump.

“But the Netherlands is not a high jump country,” says Sedoc. “Douwe does it at Zoetermeer and has his own team.” Van der Geest replies and says that’s a good thing. “It’s very good to have a high level in more places.”

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