Dutch clubs are not happy with the new Premier League

Will the Dutch national team soon lose all of its stars in the new Premier League? Twelve major European clubs are planning to start a new competition that could generate around ten billion euros a year. Players participating in this may be banned from advancing with their country.

The European Football Association (UEFA) wants to impose sanctions as soon as possible on the 12 clubs that have reached these sanctions. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City will be immediately excluded from the Champions League.

There is not much interest in the long term

Dutch clubs are not happy either. “As far as I see it now, all Dutch clubs are reacting negatively to this.” “The directors are very disappointed,” says Sports and Law professor Marjan Olvers at Goedemorgen Nederland. “In the short term you will see that such a league will attract some attention, but it will not get. With a lot of long-term interest. “

According to the professor, this is due to the lack of participation of a number of important clubs. “Think, for example, of Bayern Munich, but also of the Dutch League. This means that the Premier League will not be the best European tournament. And in sport one rule applies: the winner takes everything. This means that the competition that gets the most attention gets done.” For the most money. They have the most that can be divided. “

Heerenveen will never face Real Madrid again

The new Super League appears to be a real shame for Rep. Habtamo De Hoop for PvdA. “Now you see that teams like Ajax can really participate in the Champions League and they can almost even win it. With such excellent leagues the chance is much smaller and only the big clubs can participate. They win billions compared to all those other clubs. A team like Heerenveen will not do it.” He will probably be able to play against Real Madrid again. “

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Written by: Bert Van Dorn

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