Dutch dressage championship: Van Leer can go to gold in the absence of Gal | Sports in Zeeland

Ermelo – Many zealands take part in the Dutch Dressage Championship, which takes place May 5-8 in Ermelo. Zeeland was particularly well represented on the heavy round, the highest category, with seven of the 29 groups.

The national title this time goes to someone other than Edward Gall. The champion 12 times took a year off. There are plenty of candidates to become his successor. Dinga Van Lier is one of the big contenders. The Capel contestant enters the ring with two horses, Hartswicker and Hermes. I actually took the bronze medal last year. Hans-Peter Minderhood, the second man in 2021, is also there, but he doesn’t have the best horse with him. The Glock Dreamboy is not fit enough. Invictus rides in Ermelo. Tamar Zwistra (Ich Weiss and Double Dutch), Jeanine Nieuwenhuis (Great Lady TC) and Devanda Dijkstra (Hero) will take care of other Zeeland starts.

NK is a task for national coach Alex van Sylvhout. It is actually a “mandatory watch match” for the World Cup in Herning, Denmark. Anyone who wants to go to the World Cup must show themselves in Ermelo.

The Grand Prix will be held on Saturday, while the free music will be set on Sunday. In other divisions, there is already a fight for national titles on Thursday and Friday.

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