Dutch fans are on a different level

When the Euro 2020 team stage is up and down to dust, it seems like a good time to take a moment and look at the scene that unfolded in the first two weeks of the tournament.

In particular, we are talking about a festival of exquisite clothing and apparel that has decorated the streets and amphitheatres of 11 host cities across the continent.

Fans were allowed to watch soccer matches in stadiums for the first time in a long time, and many took the opportunity to dress up for the action during the tournament’s first 36 matches.

As always, Dutch fans stole the show after being cheered on by the orange-clad army, and many took the match-day uniform to another level.

from “Orange . supporters“For their national team matches in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, they wear bright, elaborate clothing from head to toe.

Dutch fans turn every match played by the national team into a festival and guarantee a festive atmosphere every time orange Take it to the field.

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Sunglasses sellers are widely cheered every time they pass a major competition in the Netherlands. Small Dutch flags are a favorite but desirable addition.

The Lions are in full force, with many Dutch fans flocking to the Caspian, primarily as a symbol of their national football association, the KNVP.

Some Dutch big cats are more aggressive than others.

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You can’t go wrong with a huge cheesecloth hat. This is the general rule of life.

The opportunity to wear bright orange jackets in public was rare, so grab them with both hands.

This sponsor shows how casual chic she looks with a tailored jacket over blue jeans.

Dutch fans have claimed the right to orange, anything with that color is fair game for a costume, even prehistoric animator Fred Flintstone.

Prove That orange The ghost continues all the way, and even Dutch King Willem-Alexander has been seen wearing his scarf while cheering for the national team. The Minnie Mouse-themed bow that her buddies wear here also deserves some bonus style points.

Now for Round 16, you can expect similar colorful scenes in Budapest, as Frank de Boer’s team faces the Czech Republic ahead of Sunday’s skills meeting (Streaming live on ETPN and ESPN+ at noon in the US).

Of course, fans of each country participating in Euro 2020 are having their moments, and the competition showcases a variety of nuances and slogans among thousands of spectators. The highlights from the first three rounds are here.

Watching every inch of the Alpine Gentleman, this Austrian fan decorates his favorite Tyrolean hat with red and white ribbons.

Really incredible sights in Belgian support.

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Water polo is very popular in Croatia, so the safety helmet passed the football stands.

These imaginative Czech fans have provided the league’s most patriotic face shields to date.

Shown here is a classic Danish Viking, with a controversial half-and-half beard.

Harry Maguire His team may have missed the first two games, but he was still in the stands.

It can be said that these two are true Finnish fans.

France national team striker Kylian Mbabane Nicknamed “Donadillo” by his team at Paris Saint-Germain, these four fans have every reason to dress up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As Munich heats up at Euro 2020, you have to appreciate a man’s determination to be ready for full sport with leather pants.

Hungarian fans don’t go out to dress up for their team’s matches. but still Puskas Square in Budapest saw the largest crowd of participants in the competitionGreat view of the sea of ​​red, white and green flags.

These elegant, spicy-themed speakers are complemented by bolognese, basil leaves, and sauces.

North Macedonia fans wore the national colors red and gold proudly during their first major matches – an exciting combination of hat, necklace, gold medal and colorful moustache, although this fan took it one step further.

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We don’t know who this guy is, but we think he must be a big guy among Polish fans.

As this fan’s sweater shows, Dutch fans don’t have a monopoly on patriotic tailoring from Uber.

Was this fan’s costume inspired by Sonic Hedgehog’s ultimate revenge, Dr. Robotnik? Whatever the opinion, it certainly impresses.

Have you ever heard “Yes sir, I can jig” on an accordion?

At least a few Slovakia fans did their best to lift things up in the stands, which is more than they can tell their team.

Bravely and foolishly, this Spanish fan decided that a full Picasso suit would be the perfect outfit for watching a soccer match in the summer temperatures of Seville, Europe’s hottest city.

After finishing first in Group E without losing a match, these Swedish fans sing a lot.

When it comes to Swiss cow suits, it’s always a thing or a cow.

Turkish fans arrive at Euro 2020 wearing the Trojan helmet. It’s a shame their team didn’t get the memo.

Many Ukrainian female cheerleaders wear traditional wreaths on their hair during team matches.

You can only believe that those thick glasses helped block my vision Gareth BaleWorst penalty miss against Turkey.

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