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On Saturday 6 August, Dutch Flat Track will organize the third and fourth round of the Dutch Flat Track Cup in association with MSC Siddeburen. On this day we will do something special. We run two different races in two different designs. The first race will be held on a 400-meter oval track. The second race is held on the TT design. This means that right turn and jump must also be done. Nice challenge without front brake! On Saturday mornings there are free practice sessions on both the oval and the TT layout, on the Saturday morning/afternoon races on the oval, and on the Saturday afternoon/evening TT races. Registration for participation is possible until Sunday, July 31 via https://www.dutchflattrack.com/nl/shop

What is a flat track?
Flat track is the oldest and purest form of motorsport. In essence, the flat track consists of riding as hard as possible on an oval track without front brakes and with special tires that provide a bit of stability. In principle, this can be done with any type of engine. At the Dutch Flat Track competitions we ride in different categories:

Sunday Cup: This class is for motorcycles on Sundays. These motors are available or for rent at Bertus Folkertsma via www.sunday-motors.nl.

  • Beginner: This class is only for beginners who want to learn about the sport. In this category, you can share with almost any motorcycle and low-profile tires are also allowed.
  • Novice: This class is for riders who want to take the next step after participating in the Novice class. Of this category, flat-track tires or Supermoto rain tires are mandatory.
  • Amateur: Amateur racers already have a lot of racing experience and are trying to work their way up to the pro class.
  • Pro: The Pro category is for riders who have a lot of competition experience who also compete in various events and tournaments. They mainly ride 450cc dirt bikes, but sometimes you also see racers with tire makers and self-builders.
  • Supermoto: This class is primarily intended to allow supermoto riders and road racers to ride together in a class, where 17-inch rain tires are mandatory.
  • Thunderbike: This is a class of specially prepared motorcycles with one or two cylinders.
  • Vintage: Only motorcycles from before 1975 are allowed in this category.

Flat track is a growing sport
More and more independent tournaments and events are appearing in Europe. The European FIM Championship has become an official world championship with a large list of participants. Flat track competitions have been held for some time in the UK. For a few years now there are also competitions in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic. The sport is also receiving increasing interest in road racing, for example through the activities of the VR46 Riders Academy and the VR46 Ranch specially built by Valentino Rossi. There are many Spanish riders who use the flat track as a training option. There are more and more Flat Track schools in Europe where you can learn sports. This is also the case in the Netherlands, where Flat Track Academy organizes Flat Track schools on different tracks. More information about this can be found at https://www.flattrackacademy.com

know more?
Want to learn more about the flat track? Then take a look at our website www.dutchflattrack.com Or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots and spambots. JavaScript must be enabled to view it.

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