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According to experts, the so-called ‘still life’ is worth about five million Australian dollars (about three and a half million euros). “The 17th-century oil painting shows the character of the Dutch Golden Age and the luxurious seating arrangement created by Gerid Willems. Heda,” The Guardian writes of the invention.

Created by Willem Klass.  Heda, for illustration.

Created by Willem Klass. Heda, for illustration.

So the work is due to Gerritt Willems. Heda, but some experts think this painting is a collaboration between Gerid Willems. Heda and her father Willem Klaus. Heta, could be. Willem Glass. Heda is a talented painter from the Golden Age who specializes in painting still lives. Further research should show whether this is really about cooperation between father and son.

“This is a remarkable discovery story, which has validated the work through expert advice and technology and sent us on a journey of many years,” said Rebecca Pinchin, the collection manager of the garden where the painting was placed during the restoration work.

The painting will be on display at Woodford Academy on May 14 as part of the Australian Heritage Festival.

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