Dutch handball goalkeeper Tess Wester is pregnant. Announces the news with her partner, football player Mart Lieder of FC Emin

Tess Wester, Dutch women’s handball goalkeeper, holder. She announced the news with her friend Mart Lieder, a professional football player for Emmen club, via Instagram.

“You can’t see yet, but soon we’ll be three!” Tell the lovers. So: “You can’t see her, but we’ll be three soon.” The couple were congratulated, among other things, by her pregnant sister-in-law in Groningen, Louis Abing, who is in a relationship with Mart’s brother, football coach Jost Lieder. FC Emin also offered his congratulations.

Fellow international Ebbing, who played with friend Wester at E&O in Emmen, German VfL Oldenburg and Danish Odense, will give birth in October. Her football career has been in the back for a few months now.

Tess is proud of Mart

The 28-year-old Wester was present at the FC Emmen party due to the promotion to the Eredivisie. Boyfriend Mart Leder was badly injured in February from a cruciate ligament that prevented him from playing again. “Because he is injured, he experienced it a little differently than his teammates,” the handball player said at the time. But of course he was happy too. I’m very proud of him.”

Tess Wester can fully focus on upcoming motherhood

Wester can fully focus on the upcoming motherhood. She is clubless after leaving the Romanian CSM club in Bucharest. She is no longer happy there, in part due to the great distance that separates her from her lover.

Abing Wester was crowned world champion in Japan in 2019 with Orange, after the Groningen player scored the winning goal from a penalty kick in the last seconds.

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