Dutch Ironman is back as the best club coach

Most of it was available.

Mark von Pommel is a tough midfielder who is also remembered on the Dutch national team, one of the best clubs in Europe. Now Australia’s assistant coach is getting his coaching list as head coach.

Mark Van-Pop He is now the new coach at PSV.

But not exactly right. As Australia’s assistant coach, he must first finish the World Cup.

The former midfielder has been beating a club that won the Dutch league this year, so I have to say the challenges are great.

Now comes the Travelman test as a coach. (Photo: psv)

Klippan von Pommel played again for PSV Eindhoven at the start of the Millennium, again in 2012-13. In addition, he has an excellent resume with matches for Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Milan.

Now he is returning to the old club. (Photo: UEFA)

Unlike Spain’s national coach, who was sacked immediately after learning of his contract with Real Madrid, Australian football captain Steven Low von Bom has slowly promised that he will have fun at the World Cup first.

– Actually, I want to kick your ass, Lowe noted with a smile.

Congratulations to Van Puppet for following Philip Cox on PSV.

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