Dutch IT worker from Megaplot prevents deportation to US

Megauplot employees Bram van der Golk and Matthias Artman have signed an agreement with New Zealand and the United States. They may therefore stand trial in New Zealand on suspicion of copyright infringement through the Internet service. In response, the United States dropped its extradition request.

“New Zealand is our home now, and we want to be here. The lingering uncertainty surrounding the deportation case has had a profound effect on our lives, and it’s time to move forward,” Van der Golk and Artman said in a statement. “Once these allegations are investigated by a New Zealand court, the United States will withdraw its extradition proceedings against us.”

The lawsuit against Megaupload, which allows users to upload and download files from movies, TV shows and games, has been going on for about ten years. Late last year, the Supreme Court ruled that megaplot employees were eligible for deportation to the United States.

Coming to court soon

“Although it means we will not be deported, there is still a trial pending before us in New Zealand as we are being charged. We will not comment further as this case is in court,” said Van der Kolk and Artman. According to the New Zealand newspaper The Herald The two are due to appear in court for the first time later this month.

Kim Dotcom did not give up

Megauplot co-founder Kim Dotcom says he will not settle Keep resisting Against the charges. The 48-year-old former hacker from Germany is in danger of being deported to the United States soon.

Dotcom Writes on Twitter Although he understood the decision of his two former colleagues, he did not accept the ‘injustice’ inflicted on him. “If I had to go to jail for what Megaupload users did on our site, many CEOs of major technology companies would be in the same boat with me.” According to Internet entrepreneurs, Megaupload did a little differently than other major sites where users could upload themselves.

Dotcom and Mega

Kim Dotcom became world famous for her mega upload case and her luxurious lifestyle. About him Many documentaries Created.

The mega company still exists and provides cloud storage services to individuals and businesses. New Zealand Company Is 255 million registered users.

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