Dutch juniors qualify for the semi-finals of the European Championship after a surprise victory over France

Myron Boadu became the Dutch Juniors champion by scoring two goals, the last goal in stoppage time of the second half. Young Denmark or Young Germany are the next opponents.

Without Koopmeiners and Gakpo

The victory was surprising. In contrast to the group stage at the end of March, Van de Lowy is no longer available for Teun Koopmeiners and Cody Gakpo. Midfielder AZ and PSV striker are part of the Dutch national team’s selection for the upcoming European Championship. On the other hand, there was the comeback of Calvin Stings, the Arizona player who did not pick the final of the European Orange Championship.

France did not make much of an impression in the group stage, but national coach Sylvain Ripoll brought back some players from the first-pick list before the knockout stage. The total transfer value of the 23-man Young France team is at least 517 million euros, compared to Jung Orange’s 159 million.

The little Dutch didn’t mind that their favorite role was with France. The Dutch national team made an enthusiastic impression on the rest and played in a disciplined manner. Stings hit the ball in the 19th minute via a French player, and shortly afterwards the striker collided with goalkeeper Ilan Messelier.

On the other hand, a somewhat detached Dayot Obicano headed for the Frenchman midway through the first half. Justin Kluivert missed the equalizer shortly before the end of the first half.

Face off in lost time

1-1 I fell in the first stage of the second half. Midfielder Abdo Al-Harawi hit the goal. The ball ended wrongly in Boadu. The striker was apparently not offside and hit the ball in the roof of the goal in the 51st minute.

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After a foul from Sven Putman, Econe appeared to score for France in the 66th minute, but the post saved the Netherlands. The last twenty minutes were postponed for the juniors, and they succeeded with due luck.

From one of the few counters, in injury time, Van de Looi’s team hit themselves. Kluivert put the ball past Boadu who was accurate again: 2-1.

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