Dutch media companies also want to see money from Google

Following in the footsteps of Australia and France, media companies in the Netherlands now want to sit with Google. This is because, under European copyright law, they may charge Google for displaying their content. It has been a major area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension for many years: search engines and publishers.

Dutch media companies

You can do anything on Google and then you can often find the news or go directly to the ‘News’ topic in Google and search for the news. You have already read the title and introduction of a message. Google makes money from it: after all, visitors come to the search engine.

Now Dutch media companies want to join the new copyright organization (Collective Management Organization) to engage in a discussion with Google about the fees for displaying their news. Think about media companies like Talpa, DPG, RTL, FD Mediagroep and NPO. So it is about business companies and public broadcasting, big and small companies and newspapers, television companies and internet media.

Patent Oversight Board

Before a joint management system can begin negotiations, it must first obtain approval from the Patent Board, he writes FDWith the change in European copyright law, publishers are more likely to be allowed to charge extra for showing their news from online sites.

Google has already reached agreements with media in countries such as Australia and France. In Australia, it released $ 1 billion to showcase the media products of media companies. It was also a response to the new law in Australia. Glad an agreement was reached, otherwise the 19 million Australians who use Google every month would never be able to search for news.

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News on Google

In France, Google pulled out of its wallet and decided to pay 76 million to 121 French news publishers. The deal is three years old and marks the end of a long-running feud between Google and the French media. The same thing is happening here in Australia: the news media know that Google earns billions from ads, and among other things it can do this by showing the content of those media, which is unfair to them. The same is true in Germany: financial deals have been made with hundreds of media companies.

If the Dutch media engages in discussions with Google, an agreement can be reached: after all, Google does the same in other countries. In fact, Google has already entered into agreements with 300 publishers in Europe to republish articles. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Anyway, first approval by the Patent Board.

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