Dutch men’s softball team training for the European Championship at Knickerbockers Soest

Spring The Dutch men’s softball team will train for the fourth time at the Knickerbockers Stadium in Soest on Sunday, April 18th. Here the top players prepare for the European Championship in the Czech Republic, which starts in June. The team currently does not have any training facilities and is happy to be able to use Bosstraat’s recently renovated Knickerbockers Fields.

“It’s great that Knickerbockers provide their own accommodations. Our players come from all over the country, and SUSST is a hub for everyone. Moreover, the Knickerbockers softball court is an integral area for training and playing well. Of course, it all happens within festoon rules. “So he trained in pairs over a distance of 1.5 meters.” “The hospitality at Knickerbockers is great and there’s not a lot of effort,” said team manager Cristina Grafstahl of the Dutch team.

JUBILEUM KNICKERBOCKERS And, as a thank you, the Dutch team hopes to be able to return the favor to the club in the future. For example, during the 60th anniversary celebration, the Knickerbokers can play an international match. Knickerbockers chairman Jan van Dodeward praises this idea because, according to him, as well as members of his club, interested parties from Soest and the surrounding area can also see what fast-pitch softball is.

Speed Fastpitch softball is a fast and dynamic style of softball. Archers or shooters throw the ball at the bottom and often make a windmill motion to make the ball move faster. As a result, measured speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. As with baseball, the paddle is struck with a bat, the softball is only thrown from the bottom rather than raised, and the playing field is smaller and the ball slightly larger.

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