Dutch road racing star at the time: Jaap Hoogevin

Jaap Hoogevin (76) – Dutch TT 1997 | Photo © RTV Drenthe

Dutch road racer last year, where he went, what he is doing nowadays and how he views the current road racing sport. Every week we bring you the best Dutch road races from last year in the section “The best Dutch road races at the time” and we ask them all a series of questions (same). This week: Yap Hogevin.

Who is Yap Hogevin?

  • Noun: Yap Hogevin
  • Nickname:
  • Boy: April 22-1970
  • Accommodation: Shafts
  • partner: No
  • Start your road racing career: 1993
  • Active in: 125cc and 250cc NK / ONK, 2x wildcard TT and different EC starters.
  • Titles: Not quite unfortunately …
  • End of road racing career: 2004
  • current occupation: Crewchief SKM / RT Motorsport Kawasaki IDM SSP 600 Rob Hartog and Crewchief RR Motorsport IDC Superbike Ricardo Brink and Leon Deckers, setting up racing engines and classic Yamaha TZ / TZR 250 engines.
  • Facebook social networking site: No
  • Twitter: No
  • Instagram: nee

How did you deal with road races at the time?

At home, it was always cars, scooters, motorcycles and then a year to TT. I’ve always participated in bikes and motorbikes since childhood, when my brother was racing for 2 years I was sure … I want that too!

With which driver did you fight your best battles in the ring?

If you’ve been racing for a long time, there are many races, and during your career that will also change as you improve and new drivers come and go.
But only some of the names that come to mind without wanting to fool anyone. André Romijn, Jean Block, Arnold Littgens, Geert Bieber, Henk vs. Lagemat, Rob Villart, Jarno Bosfeld.

Best motorcycle I’ve ever had and why?

Yamaha TZ250 from 2000 with a new bore x stroke ratio. Superior motor for steering and power delivery.

What is your favorite path you have taken and why?

There are many:

    1. The old TT circuit Assen with Noordlus and the pretty cant
    2. Spa-Francorchamps
    3. Brands Hatch
    4. Zolder
    5. And still a circle that has a special place in my heart is Hengelo (great organization and similar audience!)
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What is the most outlandish and fun thing you have tried while racing?

So many things … The first time I got a wildcard for a Dutch TT, all the media attention and the circus surrounding it surprised me. What also surprised me was that we had to purchase tires from GP Organization. Then we had to deal with a new type of front tire that was also wider. According to the tire man there was no better …. We didn’t drive the car with the newest materials at the time and our rims were a bit narrower than the newer types. At that time, things no longer matched the curvature of the tire and certainly no longer matched our Yamaha modification….
After still being miles away in two free training sessions, first qualifiers and a crash, and as it seemed at the time, I wasn’t allowed to start, I’m done. I got in the car and drove home (yes, that was a 10 minute drive away … 😊) There I took some old used front tires from the workshop pile and went back to the track with these tires and went straight to our tire champ. Then I kindly but very urgently asked him to reassemble this tire. He said that was neither natural nor reasonable. The same thing that I said at the time would be so if he did not collect it … 😊
Then I got into the Q2 with the old tires and after I had to start with the “old” tires I was there at the end of the qualifiers, and the start of the first Dutch TT was a reality! Then he brought a beer to our tire hero, he could barely believe it but we were laughing at it.

What’s the best thing about racing?

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The race shapes you in a certain way and you can always keep going. Moreover, of course, all of the people you know over time and with many of them are still in contact, or if you both run into each other, always have a nice conversation with you.

What did you do after your active road racing career?

In 2004 I set up my own specialty car company in Saab, but it has recently discontinued. He is now active in motorsports at IDC and IDM level and would like to go to the World Cup in the long run.

Are you still playing sports in some way?

Yes, see above

What is the current driver you respect so much and why?

All drivers. I think they all have their own story.

Who do you see as the greatest (currently active) road racing talent in the Netherlands and why?

There are many. I am fortunate to have been able to work with so many talents and now I am working again. I think these guys have the same talent and sometimes maybe more than the ones I’ve read a lot about. Unfortunately, in our sport, you are dependent on money, but it is certainly no less important that you meet the right people at the right time who can and really want to help someone.

How do you view the current race with your experience at the national and international levels?

For me, it is the most beautiful sport that there is and still is, but where it will only succeed if you absolutely dare to do it and with the help of the good people around you. Of course, the financial picture should not be missing and what is always forgotten is that you need a professional for this.
I think if you have the right mindset and the right talent, you can still break into motorsport internationally as a Dutch. Look at Verstappen in Formula 1 … Verstappen might be, but I know one thing’s for sure, that if he couldn’t race he wouldn’t be where he is now!
Look at Bo Bendsneyder and Michael van der Mark, they also lead where they are now. What worries me a lot is how there can be so much soccer programming on TV that wastes hours of broadcasting, but not a single show on motorsports. Maybe if the right people want to take the lead, nothing beautiful can arise?
Especially now that we have top covers like Michael van der Marc, Bo Bendzenneider, who were prominent in their category at the level of the World Cup! Our young people who enter at a high level, such as Robin Begman, Victor Stemann, Colin Felthuisen, Zunta van den Gorberg. All the players who are already active or at the forefront of this World Cup! It should be possible to come up with a good television format on the topic, so that these people have at least a good platform to profile themselves and introduce sponsors and motorsport.

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Wednesday 26-05-2021: Dutch road racer at the time: Gerard Rick.

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