Dutch road racing star at the time: Wim Theunissen

Dutch road racing star last year, where he went, what he is doing now and how he views the current sport of road racing. In the quiet, no-racing winter months, we bring you the best Dutch road races last year every week in the section “Dutch road races at the time” and we ask them all a series of questions (same). This week: Wim Theunissen.

Who is Fem Theonison?

  • Noun: Wim Theonison
  • nickname:
  • Boy: 24-05-1966
  • Residence: Horsen
  • partner:
  • Start your road racing career: 1991
  • Active in:
    1991 – Kawasaki KR1250 mug
    1992 – Racing Class 125cc (Honda)
    1993-2002 Super Sport 600 (Kawasaki 93-98, Yamaha 99-00, Honda 01-02)
    2003 – NK Superbike (Yamaha R1)
    2010, 2011 – 3 Ground Cup (Kawasaki ZX10R Superbike)
    2012-2013 NK Superbike (Honda CBR1000RR)
  • Titles: There are no titles usually in the top five in the Dutch championship, tenth in the 1997 European Supersport 600 (current World Supersport 600).
  • End of the road racing process: 2013
    current occupation: Technical specialist. Allocation of interior coolers and coolers for racing cars and racing trucks in Dakar, construction of exhaust systems for Dakar trucks, general construction works, welding of gearboxes and aluminum engine parts. Technical maintenance and modifications of various industrial machines.
  • Social networking site Facebook: 66 (Not very active)
  • Twitter: –
  • Instagram: –

How did you deal with road races at the time?

Across the motorcycle store in Druten where I was working at the time. Before that I was a motocross sidecar driver in 1987-89.

Who is the driver with whom you had the best battles in the ring?

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Gerard Van Der Waal (Sadly Deceased), Mile Bajic, and Harry Van Beek.

Best motorcycle I’ve ever had and why?

With Kawasaki it did well in 1993-1998 but the best balance was with Ten Kate Honda in 2001-2002

What is your favorite path you have taken and why?

Donington Park, Lots of Tough and Difficult blind turns and altitude changes.

What’s the most bizarre and fun thing you have seen while racing?

After hitting the TT Circuit Assen, straight to the hospital, but due to the red flag one lap before the end and at that moment he took the lead, he achieved victory without being on the podium.

What’s the best thing about racing?

Work connections and lots of fun challenging activities

What did you do after your active road racing career?

A businessman who has a lot of specialized work.

Are you still playing sports in some way?

He led Jolanda van Westrenen for a number of years and helped BenJan Racing in the FIM Supersport 300 World Championships in 2017.

What is the current driver you respect so much and why?

Valentino Rossi, he still did well in sports at a relatively old age.

Who do you see as the greatest (currently active) road racing talent in the Netherlands and why?

Honestly, I am not actively pursuing sports at the moment. There are a number of good drivers, but I see very little to be able to properly judge this.

How do you view the current race with your experience at the national and international levels?

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There are very few national opportunities to develop yourself properly with limited driving options (noise standards). Internationally, the World Super Sport 300 is a good start, but financially not for everyone. The RedBull MotoGP Rookies Cup is also a great starting class to take young talent to the next level.

Wednesday 17-02-2021: Dutch road racer at the time: Ernst Dubink

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