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The Netherlands won the silver medal in the men’s team sprint at the World Distance Championships in Thielef. Meren Scheperkamp, ​​Hein Otterspur and Wesley Dages set a time of 1:19.67 and just had to let Canada (1:19.26) get ahead. Bronze went to Norway (1:19.80).

The Dutch skaters had previously won gold in the team sprint in 2019 and 2020.

The Dutch trio defeated the Norwegian skiers at the last stage, who had had little lead for a long time. With a time of 1:19.67, they remained well above Canada’s time, with Christopher Viola, Laurent Dubroy and Antoine Gelinas Beaulieu taking the gold.

Rapid Team Result (Men)

Fifth place women in sprint

Dutch skiers missed out on medals in the team race. Michelle de Jong, Marit Flederos and Isabelle Griffelt reached 1:29.01 in the first stage without an opponent. In the end it was good for the fifth time.

The gold went to Canada. Brooklyn McDougal, Carolina Heller and Yvonne Blondin remained the top skaters from the United States and China with a 1.26.29. The Netherlands won the team race in 2019 and 2020, the other two times the number has been run at world championship distances.

Michel de Jong (left), Marit Flideros (left) and Isabel Griffelt. © ANP

Rapid Team Result (Women)

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First day programme

6:20 pm: 3000 million women (Antoinette Ribma de Young, Joy Byun, and Erin Scottin)
7:35 pm: 5000m men (Patrick Rust, Marcel Busker, and Jurit Bergsma)
9:25 pm: Team Sprint (TeamNL: Michel de Jong, Marit Flideros, Isabelle Griffelt and Naomi Verkerk)
9:42 PM: Sprint men (TeamNL: Merijn Scheperkamp, ​​Hein Otterspeer, Wesly Dijs, Janno Botman)

full programme
As usual, there are many Dutch medal contenders at the world championship distances. one show Overview of the entire program and the Dutch participants.

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