Dutch surviving European Shooting Championship qualifier, Mike Schlosser convinces | sport

Schlosser convincingly qualified for the knockout stage on the composite portion. With 716 points, he was just one point below his European record and qualified with the best result.

In the repeat Olympic event, Gabriela Schloesser qualified seventh with 655 points. European Championship debutant Laura van der Winkle was just one point behind the Dutch junior record last month: 652 points. She finished fifteen. Gabriella Schlosser and van der Winkle will return to court on Thursday and Wednesday, respectively. It will also be Mike Schlosser’s turn again on Thursday.

Among the men, Seal Butter qualified 20th for the knockout round in the Compound Division. In doing so, he broke the 700-point barrier and scored a personal best result with a score of 702 points. Dutch No. 3 is Sander Doldermann, who qualified for 45th place with 692 points.

The tournament continues through Sunday. It’s an important measuring moment in the run-up to the Olympics.

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