Dutch volleyball players hand over victory in the Nations League to Japan

Dutch volleyball men lost their second match in the Nations League 2-3 to Japan. National coach Roberto Piazza’s men initially took a 2-0 lead, but then the Orange match collapsed like a house of cards and abandoned the match after all.

In Group A, the Netherlands got off to a good start, but after some slouching by the orange and with some luck, Japan managed to get a few points. However, the orange manages to recover and win the first set 25-22.

This victory turned out to be a prelude, as the second set went – albeit with difficulty – to the Dutch 25-23, who then advanced 8-4 in the third set with smiling faces.


However, the national coach Piazza’s team also lost focus, and Japan returned to 10-11. The strike by Nimr Abdulaziz brought the Dutch team back to the side of Japan, but the star player appeared to have hit the right thigh when he landed again.

After that, the level of the match fell, and with Japan at a specific point in the third group, Abdulaziz paid him into the net (22-25).

It was also very difficult for the orange in Group D and the team faced a big lag, at 15-24 Japan had set points to spare. The Netherlands eliminated two more groups, but could not prevent Japan from drawing in sets.

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