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Joost Luiten won the Dutch Open for the last (and second) time in six years. This week is once again a banner for the Bernardus International Golf Championship in Cromfort in Brabant, although 36-year-old Pleswicker hasn’t been at his best in some time.

If anyone is critical of golfer Just Lutein, it’s Luten himself. In the day before the start of the 102nd Dutch Open, he was crystal clear about Luiten’s performance so far this year. It uses a three-letter word for it, starting with k and ending with t. “Personally, I’m doing well, but the results are lower. It was a bad start to the season,” Luten said.


In the lead up to the KLM Open on the Dutch that I won in 2016, I also played as a newspaper. I couldn’t hit the ball directly

Just Lutein

Of the ten tournaments that Luiten has participated in this year, he has escaped qualifying for the weekend only four times. The two-time Dutch Open winner (2013 and 2016) achieved the best result in 2022 to finish 10th in the poorly occupied tournament in South Africa. Luiten has an explanation for the disappointing performances. Twenty years later, he is now working with another South African coach, Jimmy Gough.

thinking too much

Luten: “A lot has happened, a lot has changed. I have to get used to it and it takes time. You immediately hope for results with a new coach, but you have to be realistic. Such a change is difficult and you have to give it time. You have to ignore Something you’ve been doing twenty years ago. You start thinking a lot about the track instead of playing on autopilot.”

The disappointing performance caused an uproar and drew Luten with criticism. “Of course it’s never fun, but it’s part of it. Besides, I’m the first to say it’s not good. If I’ve done what I’ve done in the past, and if I’ve played a little less, criticism will come quickly. I have an explanation for it myself, but I can’t blame the people around me or the golf fans either. I expect results every week, golf just sometimes is more difficult than it looks from the outside.”

like a newspaper

However, Bernardos Golf, his “own” course, may be out of luck this week. Luiten had experienced something like this before. “In the lead-up to the KLM Dutch Open, which I won in 2016, I also played as a newspaper. I couldn’t hit the ball straight. Suddenly, on the 9th hole, I clicked and I won the championship. That’s how crazy golf is sometimes. I feel close Very now, in training, I’ve noticed that things are going well. The trick now is to do it under pressure, when it really comes down to it. I’m actually waiting for that now.”


I want to pass everyone in the world rankings. Not just Will, but all those idiots standing in front of me, haha

Just Lutein

As mentioned, Luiten twice won the only international tournament on the European Tour, now called the DP World Tour. The first time at the Kennemer Stadium in Zandvoort and his second victory over the Dutch at Spike. After that, Luiten managed to win another tournament: the 2018 Oman Open. Since then, Luiten has had to contend with occasional external phenomena. He finished 10th at the 2019 Dutch Open, while agonizingly missing last year and in 2017.

Regression in the world ranking

Luiten is now down to 401st place, where he was once 29th in the world rankings. For years Luiten was the best golfer in the Netherlands, but that honor now belongs to Wil Besseling. The 36-year-old professional from Horn, who has been back on the European Tour since 2020, is topping red, white and blue. “The media makes something of it,” Besling answers. “In the end I’m only 350th in the world. It’s good, but it’s not great either. We all want to rise to the next level,” he says of his ambitions and those of his three countrymen who will play on the DP World Tour this year (Just Luetten and Darius Van Drill and Dan Huising). “The four of us all want to go up. Of course I’d rather be at the top myself, but it’s about getting the best out of you. That’s what we all strive for.”

In 2021, winner Christopher Broberg accepted the trophy on the last day of the KLM Open. The 101st edition of the International Golf Championship was held for the first time at Bernardos Golf Course. © ANP

Title holder Broberg

A day before Luiten kicks off the Dutch Open on boarding day at 1.30pm on the journey with New Zealander Ryan Fox and Swedish defending champion Christopher Broberg (win -23), he laughs heartily and jokes: “I want to do it” outside the rankings. Not just Will, but all those idiots standing in front of me, haha. If I play well again, I’ll go up the list. Now it makes sense that Will would have passed me by. He had a very good period, his credits. I don’t really care who’s in front of me or above me. I’m not interested in that.”

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