Dutch YouTuber uses AI to create ‘endless sitcom’

Sitcom out this afternoon to watch On the live broadcast site Twitch. There, the AI ​​software monitors the chat along with the video, and then generates text based on those conversations.

This is then triggered by 3D characters that can be seen on screen. This way you see how the 3D characters Egbert, Koelka and Tejak talk about trivial topics all day long.

Follow-up from Seinfeld AI

Wirtz’s idea is very similar toNothing is forever‘, an endless sitcom based on Seinfeld, which was popular earlier this year. This series was eventually taken offline because the characters started making hate comments.

A list of 1,500 forbidden words has been drawn up for the Dutch production, to prevent the AI ​​from saying hurtful things. The program checks if these words are present in the generated text. If so, this scene will not be broadcast.

The advancement of artificial intelligence innovations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting better at generating creations. Artificial intelligence tools such as the famous chatbot chat You may be asked to create an article or website. Artists have already sued developers of AI software because systems can massively imitate their work.

Recently, thousands of experts have sounded the alarm about the dangers of artificial intelligence. They want to slow the development of this new technology so that appropriate legislation can be introduced for it.

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