€200,000 support for more nature in the city

Nature in the city

Our county has a large area of ​​urban areas. This requires a different and more creative design of our living environment. One where we share the city with plants and animals. That is why we are looking for suitable solutions for more nature in the city.

Such as installing nest boxes in new homes, where unfortunately there is no longer room for birds to breed due to improved insulation. Building a fence instead of fences, not just paving the garden and choosing environmentally relevant plants. On the street but also, for example, on the roof, such as at Roffield.

Icon types

In the south of the Netherlands, 40 types of icons are named. These are the animal and plant species that are characteristic of nature in our province. If the habitat of this species is regulated, then the nature of the south of the Netherlands will be fine. Many other plant and animal species also benefit from measures taken for icon species.

The nature of support in the city

With the support of nature in the city, individuals and governments can apply for funds for initiatives to improve the habitat of the icon species within the built-up areas of villages and cities in southern Holland.

Last year, for example, a subsidy was given to Masland Food ForestThe Fountoren for the Plas van Poot ship in the Zoetermeer and the Kruithuis renovation in Delft.

Take action!

The scholarship can be applied for again this year. Initiatives can be submitted in the periods from August 15 to September 15, and from September 16 to October 15. A total of €200,000 is available for this scheme.

Do you have a good idea to contribute to the protection and conservation of native flora and fauna in urban areas in the south of the Netherlands? Apply for Nature in the City support. We invite you to think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. So we increase the biodiversity of a vital nature in the south of Holland!


The Consortium for Nature and the Environment of South Holland is supporting the Province of South Holland in implementing the support scheme. Want to learn more about support, inspiration, or do you have any questions? Then visit https://milieufederatie.nl/project/natuur-in-de-stad/.

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