Easily choose a VPN with this checklist

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You can choose from two different VPN service providers. When you look around like this, the view can be very overwhelming. What can you pay attention to? What do you really need to properly arrange with a service provider? Short checklist for fast and easy VPN selection.

Point 1: Trials and good deals

Many VPN service providers allow you to test for free or purchase a trial period. Is this not possible with a particular provider? First look at the frequently asked questions and the provider’s money-back guarantee. you hold? Then contact your provider to inquire about available options. Keep an eye out for special events and gifts; Sometimes you can get a great discount for a VPN service. Sure on the holidays and Black Friday we sometimes run into great deals.

Clause 2: Connect multiple devices and systems

It is also possible that you regularly use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV in addition to your computer. So it helps if you can also protect these devices in the same VPN. Many service providers nowadays have the option to connect multiple devices to your connection. Useful, since you will no longer need ten different accounts.

Some providers also have software that can act as a type of router. You can then share your secure network connection with the game console, for example. This way you can make sure that your data is being sent through a tunnel with extra security.

Point 3: Are you dealing with a bona fide service?

Unfortunately, with all the services offered, you can sometimes find well-intentioned service providers. There are quite a few like this Free VPN Providers Which in fact is not doing a fair job. They steal your data and your data and sell it to third parties. That is why it is important that you read honest reviews about services. Are you dealing with a bona fide service? Is the connection fast? What are the options?

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Try to judge facts, such as speed and server locations, in particular. Look at server security. The “best VPN” and “first app” and these claims are of course subjective and not facts.

Clause 4: Supported countries and speeds

For example, if you want to watch Netflix from certain countries, then you need a VPN server in that country. So, take a closer look at the server countries the service offers. Typically, premium service providers have a wider choice and you are more likely to find a server in the correct country.

The number of servers offered in a country is also important to be able to estimate the speed. The more servers offered, the better; The data traffic is then better distributed, which reduces the chance of connection sharing. This allows you to enjoy a faster internet.

Pont 5: The Five Eyes

Often times you choose a VPN to ensure your privacy and use the Internet more safely. There are five countries that are slightly upset about this: The Five Eyes. These are Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Here, VPN service providers can be forced to provide information to the government. It is recommended that you choose a provider with a head office in a country other than the countries listed above. This way, you can be better confident of your privacy.

Keep all of these aspects in mind when choosing a VPN. This way you make a well-thought-out choice and you won’t have to switch from VPN service to VPN service.

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