Ecclestone backs Verstappen towards Drive to Survive: ‘I understand Max will get angry’

Max Verstappen has received praise for his comments on the popular Netflix series “Drive to Survive”. Former Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone understands the frustration of the world championship leader.

Drive to Survive is very popular in the US, so the song series was automatically talked about before the race weekend. Verstappen has shown that he is far from a fan and that his comments caused quite a stir. “As a driver, I don’t like being a part of it. They did some competitions that didn’t really exist,” Verstappen grumbled to the media. For this reason, he is no longer participating in the series.

understand anger

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The Dutchman is backed by Ecclestone. The 90-year-old Briton understands Verstappen’s comments, although he hasn’t seen the series himself. “I love realism and I think a series like this can never be completely real. I know when these guys act and I think a lot of them do too,” supports Verstappen in his comments about the series’ realism. “If you then see things appear differently than what really happened, I can very well imagine you getting a little pissed off and reacting like Max,” Ecclestone shows his understanding.

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