Ecclestone puts Horner forward as Dominicali’s successor

Bernie Ecclestone dominated Formula 1 for more than 40 years before Liberty Media bought it in 2017 and left the battlefield. However, the Briton is not giving much thought to replacing Stefano Domenicali and has floated a surprising potential replacement for the Italian.

Ecclestone was the boss of Formula 1 for a long time, and the British millionaire was the boss of the royal class for a long time, until the shares were sold to Liberty Media in 2017. From that moment on, a breath of fresh air blew across the highest branch of motorsport. Domenicali was appointed as the new CEO of Formula 1 and since then the popularity of the first category has skyrocketed. Under Domenicali’s leadership, young fans are being drawn in and the sport is finally gaining a foothold in the United States.

Sneak into Dominicali

So it seems that Domenicali has things in order with Formula 1. However, Ecclestone remains completely unimpressed by the performance of his Italian successor. “Stefano was never very close to things, except that he once worked for Ferrari. Apart from that role, he had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. I didn’t have anyone next to me. I wasn’t a teacher and they didn’t want me to, “It seems quite the opposite The telegraph.

Christian Horner

As far as Ecclestone is concerned, the former Ferrari team boss will make way for a new Formula 1 CEO as soon as possible. So the 92-year-old Briton came up with a surprising name. Ecclestone sees Red Bull team boss Horner as the perfect man to take over Formula 1. “If I had to choose someone today, he’s the best possible choice. He listens well. He knows how to distinguish between what doesn’t make sense and what doesn’t,” says the Briton. . But for now, Horner seems to be in the right place and the Red Bull boss has hinted several times that he’d rather enjoy his spare time after his current position.

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