Ecology is an additional criterion for new marine wind farm developers

Hollands Cost is 52 kilometers off the coast and off the coast. Electricity is supplied to the national grid by cables coming ashore at Wijk aan Zee.

According to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), environmental criteria should contribute to innovating tenders. Applies to standard additional Lot VI. For Lot VII, the tenderers have to come up with a new one to ensure that the systems are better integrated with each other.

Financial offer

Hollands Cost West is carried out without a grant. Each of the wind farms to be built will reach a capacity of approximately 700 MW. Overall, this is approximately 6 percent of current Dutch electricity consumption. The wind farms will be operational by 2025-2026.

According to the RVO, it is also new that bidders will be able to offer a financial offer for the first time. This is not an auction, a maximum of 50 million euros in funding for wind farms to earn extra points. Where government should first lure companies with subsidies, wind power is now so popular that it can ask the business community for money to develop new projects, a spokesman says.

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