Ed Sheeran Stadium begins tour of Europe, traffic is very significant

British singer Ed Sheeran begins a comprehensive tour today. The 30-year-old artist is traveling Mathematical journey Via Europe in a special way.

No fancy flights and no high-paying luxury airline tickets. Or even a private jet, for example, The Rolling Stones and Iron Maiden are at their disposal. No, Ed Sheeran must have thought, “When I started my tour, yesterday was Earth Day. I had to do something about it. “

Ed Sheeran is driving around in a van

Ed Sheeran crosses Europe in an electric Volkswagen van. The world star hopes to make his tour a little more eco-friendly. By her van she first had to cross over to Ireland by boat because of her husband Your form And Perfect The stadium series begins in Dublin. Short rides continue after two concerts. Then he goes to other cities in Ireland, namely Cork (there Tunnel Recently celebrated St. Patrick’s Day) and Limerick.

Sheeran will be on July 14th and 15th Johann Groof ArenaTickets for the first day are still available, with very little stock for the second day. The Mathematical journey Might be the artist’s last major theatrical tour. As he said before, of course he can always come up with that idea.

To Germany via the Netherlands

After that it was time to drive to Ed Sheeran. To Northern Ireland. Then tour of the native England. Manchester, Sunderland – a stop in Scotland – and including Wembley in London. Volkswagenbus-Edje then crosses the Netherlands, where you can run towards him. Kelsenkirzen in Germany is the next place, so the singer will undoubtedly cross the border beyond Wenlow or Arnhem. He will also return to the aforementioned concerts in Amsterdam.

This was followed by a long series for Ed Sheeran: Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen (he had to go through the Netherlands again …), Gothenburg, Helsinki, Warsaw, Vienna, Munich, Zurich and Frankfurt. It is now September 25th. After that, Britain actually had to be transferred to a plane. The next stop is called Austin, which is in the United States. The Mathematical journey Also found in Australia and New Zealand.

Ed Sheeran has a good time

Return to the context for a moment. Sheeran told the British newspaper about his plans, “I want to travel as much as possible for every show The sun“It was a real struggle early in my career. I played five shows in a row and got a day off. Now I have the luxury of playing only on weekends, so every week is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then I can take my time between each city.

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Ed Sheeran began his tour of the stadium and his traffic across Europe has been remarkable

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