Ed Sheeran would like to be a father again: “More Taste” | stars

“We are very fortunate to ever have a healthy baby. But I must say this tastes more. Every baby is welcome, but if I’m honest, I think girls are very special. Girls are the bosses! And as a boy, or rather a man, I can say that.” “The girls are so crazy and adorable,” Ed said.

If he stays with his daughter Lyra, Ed and his wife Sherry are fine with that, too. “Oh, sure. Lyra is a little miracle and she makes us so happy. Would a second baby be cute? Yes, but if not, we’re still just as happy.”

Since the birth of Lera, the singer has joined the “Parents Club” as he calls it. “My mother comes next to take care of Lyra, so I can go to the pub for a beer with my friends. Then we talk for a while, until the first friend says, ‘I should go home now to excuse the nanny.’ And everyone likes it. In fact, fifteen minutes later The whole group left and we all went home with our kids.”

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