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Belgian pet food brand Edward and Cooper He plays a role in the third season of the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris.

says co-founder Louis Chalabi on the website for Debevo.

“It wasn’t clear if this would actually be reflected in the script of the series, so it could go either way. Ultimately, our producer played an important role in the fourth episode of the season.”

Watch success

The third season of the series came online just before Christmas and was #4 in the top ten streaming series on January 13. Emily in Paris attracts around 58 million viewers worldwide.

“I’m about to sign a new brand. Edgard & Cooper, it’s a Belgian pet food company,” he suddenly appeared in the third episode of the third season of the Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Emily, the main character, is an American marketer trying to sell luxury goods. And now also West Flemish based dog and cat pieces.

A prominent role for Edgard & Cooper in the Netflix series Emily in Paris. (photo: Netflix).


The Kortrijk-based company was founded in 2016 to provide healthy food for dogs. The Edgard & Cooper collection can now be found in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

“We still don’t know how Netflix got us, but our product has gotten really big,” the company says on the Flemish website. Made in “Our packaging is colorful and cheery, which makes it special.”

ambition outside Europe

Edgard & Cooper, the company of three friends in their 30s, also has ambitions to gain a foothold in North America. Thus, free advertising on Netflix may lend a hand to the company.

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