Edson Bravhead played World Cup Final with Elijah Elijah: ‘He could be the flair here’

UTRECHT Eleven years ago, Edson Bravhead entered as a substitute during the 2010 World Cup Final against Spain. After the 71st minute, the former FC Utrecht player replaced Giovanni van Bronkhorst. In the same match, the current FC Utrecht left striker, Eliero Elia, came to replace Dirk Quijt. Bravhead was a guest Friday at Een Berg Sport.


Ilia came to FC Utrecht last summer, and in part due to injuries, he didn’t show it at Galgenwaard. Bravhead knows Utrecht, the club mentality, and Ilya very well. “I got to know him at FC Twente. He wasn’t consciously involved in the match at the time. Now I think he’s a very complete winger who can give any defender a tough match. He also does his defensive duties.”

Edson Goodness for Eljero Elia

The Utrecht mindset is first to see, then to believe. Only when Elijah shows something, will fans begin to appreciate him. “He needs attention,” says Bravhead. “If you put in the energy and time, it will definitely pay off.” “Utrecht always has a flavor maker on the team. Eljero can become that flavor maker, and he has those qualities. Utrecht can have the best of Eljero, so far. And then they really enjoy it, because this guy has qualities.”

Not a favorite club

Bravhead, now 37, played more than ninety matches for FC Utrecht between 2003 and 2007. He won the KNVB Cup and the Johan Cruyff Shield. In 2016 he returned to Galgenwaard with clubs like Bayern Mnchen, Lazio Roma and Celtic succeeding his name. In 2018 he left again, this time to America.

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“FC Utrecht had a great start to his career,” says Bravhead, who cannot point to a favorite club from his list of clubs. “I really have a story in every club. Not because I’m here now, but at FC Utrecht, I laid the groundwork. That’s why I’m back.”

Bravhead: “I laid the groundwork in Utrecht.”

Bravhead is back at Galgenwaard with ten caps in his bag. “I joined Orange when I played in FC Twente. This is of course my childhood dream. I have already played against Schneider, Van der Vaart and Van Persie. Now I have gone with them side by side.”

In 2010, Bravhead played for Bayern Munich, which led to him being selected for the World Cup in South Africa. “I achieved the highest score possible. The longer I took, the more proud I became, because there are not many footballers who were allowed to play at that stage and I am one of them. I am very proud of that now.”

Bravhead now lives in the United States of America

Bravhead now lives with his family in the United States. “I play in Palm Beach Stars. I can get out of there as a soccer player, but I also have a role off the field. The club wants to enter the Pro League.”

He is now in the Netherlands for a while. “I am very happy to be here but I cannot wait to be back.”

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