Eight officers injured and thousands fell on their feet in London passport vaccination protest | abroad

The officers were pelted with bottles and other items in the garden. Police said that two officers eventually had to go to hospital, but that they were not seriously injured. The policemen eventually managed to disperse the crowd with batons.

Thus, the day of the mass protest ended bleakly. The riots came on the heels of the “Unite for Freedom” march across London, where thousands of Britons gathered to incite the declared vaccine passports. They are under fire after a British watchdog said the action would be illegal, which was what The Guardian appeared on the front page. A vaccine passport can also divide society.

The demonstrators carried flags and banners reading “There is nothing new,” and “Passports without a vaccine.” They included television host Beverly Turner and two London mayor candidates, Piers Corbyn and Lawrence Fox.

The protesters were not wearing face masks. Some of them are said to have harassed people during the march who wore masks outside, which is mandatory in London.

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